The Garnacha Wine Route
The Garnacha Wine Route
The Garnacha Wine Route

The Garnacha Route wanders through through the wine-growing region of the D. O. (Denominación de Origen) Borjan countryside, to the foothills of the mysterious Moncayo, descending
through the Valley of the River Huecha until it reaches the River Ebro.

This is a land of desire offering hidden beauty, secluded places to unwind, and the aroma of the Queen of the Aragonese grape varieties, the Garnacha. It boasts unforgettable monuments
such as the Monastery of Veruela whose walls exude wisdom and history, wineries scattered throughout its enchanting mountain villages. A fabled land – the testimony of an ancient wine culture and unique gastronomy, rich in its many nuances – a consummate xperience.


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Asociación para la Promoción Turística de La Ruta de la Garnacha
Calle Nueva, 6.
50540 Borja (Zaragoza) España