Somontano Wine Route

At the foot of the mountains, amongst the foothills of the Pyrenees, is Somontano, one of those exceptional places in the world in which wine equates to art. It is gastronomy. It is culture. It is life. It is feeling.

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The Garnacha Wine Route

This is a land of desire offering hidden beauty, secluded places to unwind, and the aroma of the Queen of the Aragonese grape varieties, the Garnacha.

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Campo de Cariñena Wine Route

Cariñena is one of the most traditional wine regions of Spain and is constantly renewed and revitalised.

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Otro éxito de nuestras catas como reclamo del stand de Turismo de Aragón, en una feria de referencia. Esperamos que esas copas de Ruta de la Garnacha, Ruta del Vino Somontano, Ruta del Vino Campo de Cariñena “La Ruta del Vino de las Piedras” y Ruta del Vino Calatayud, os hayan animado a venir a vernos muy pronto…

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